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You will have the fantastic occasion to experience the best Hiking and Trekking Guided Tours of  the Peninsula.

Please find the list below:


According to a Neapolitan writer “Ieranto comes last. In Ieranto the world ends” just to attend a literary suggestion, here conceived in “Tempo di cicale”. By the way, it is said that many voices together, human and animal, make a place in the heart: The Bay looks like from the ridge of Mount St. Costanzo, a privileged point on that stretch of the polychrome sea. And then the songs of the mythical winged creatures, they wanted to seduce Greek heroes and Latin poets and even seduces here, among Ieranto and the Lubrense Ateneo.

B) In the middle of a coastal village, vaguely of Amalfi, a cup of water, raised on Capri, is the path of Ieranto. It moves from the picturesque groups of houses of Nerano to join , step by step, with rumours of a mythical and literary landscape , alive and popular. A vast horizon, therefore, binds in one the islets of the Sirens (today Li Galli) and the crested rock (then Tre Pizzi): rock icons and bird sanctuaries, now as in the days of Ulysses.

Info: Departure and return to Nerano *, village of Massa Lubrense, a land excursion, or even by boat, to the” Bay of the Mermaids ”

* Transfers paid by  the participants. We recommend public transportation and there is also the possibility of return by sea to Marina del Cantone, by booking a boat rental.

Trekking notes: Nerano (168 m asl)> Sprito (185 m asl)> Montalto (110 m asl)> Ieranto former quarry (18 m asl)> small beach (0 m asl) [any snorkelling **]. Journey R / T approx. 5 km, hm. + 185 m max.


An ultra-millenary pavement, a rocky ridge, a devotional stairway: here the obliged sides to tie the vertices of this must hiking triangle. Go from tops to tops, from the promontory of the Campanella to the Mount San Costanzo, can evoke mythical foundations and ancient pilgrimages, or perform again, as the crops of the men and the natural vegetation return, a landscape of days gone by Benedictine vineyards, olive trees of Minerva and Jupiter’s beards.

Info: Departure and return to Termini*, village of Massa Lubrense, for the most scenic loop on the island of Capri.

* Transfers paid by participants, we recommend public transport (bus SITA).

Trekking notes: Termini (325 m asl)> Punta Campanella (50 m asl)> Reazzale (100 m asl)> Mount St. Costanzo (485 m asl) [any lunch break]> Termini. Travel time approx. 7 km, hm. + 450 m max


Among the “high” routes  of the Amalfi coast, this hike moves from Agerola to Positano and is by far the most famous hike you can do. The reason for this fame (which is recognized all over the world) is the constant ups and downs, the fantastic sheer vertical drops and lands cultivated in terraces.  You arrive at the final destination and the highlight of this hike, Punta Campanella ,which is apparently united to the stunning island of Capri. From here viewpoint to the west we see siren archipelagos and swirling shapes. There is much to explain here regarding the colours of the Mediterranean lands, known as our “Path of the Gods”.

Info: Departure and return to Nocelle*, village of Positano, the most popular trekking route along the coast of “Amalfi.

* Transfers paid by participants; own transport is recommended.

Trekking notes: Nocelle (440 m asl)> Colle Serra (580 m asl)> Li Cannati (525 m asl) [any lunch break]> Nocelle. Travel time approx. 7.5 km, maximum altitude + 150 m.


A) + 3 km with a descent and ascent from the Convent of St. Dominic (400 m a.s.l)

B) + 4 km with roundtrip from Bomerano (633 m a.s.l)

C) + 3.5 km to arrive in Positano by Montepertuso (352 m a.s.l)


In the woods of Faito, so called because of the extensive beech woods, all possible paths pass on the giant mountains, Lattari, a record that shares not only in the alpine, but in the different and natural environments. It is the ” mountain on the sea”, or rather the gulfs (Naples and Salerno): a real treasure of biodiversity protected by the Lattari Mountains Regional Park. Beyond the forest cover there is the priceless descent to S. Maria del Castello, a hamlet between the worldly Positano and the industrious Vico Equense.

Info: Departure and return to Castellammare, or to other towns of the Sorrentine Peninsula served by the Circumvesuviana line, for the discovery of the biggest massif of the Lattari Mountains. For the longest trek, return to Vico Equense from S. M. del Castello by public transport (EAVBUS).

Trekking notes:

A) Routes starting and finishing at the cable car.

  1. Cableway Station (1103 m asl)> Monte Faito (m 1126)> Gate Faito (m 1222)> Church of St. Michael Arc. (M 1268)> Cisternone (m 1220)> Acqua Santa (m 1250)> S. Angelo a Tre Pizzi – Molare (m 1444)> Conocchia (m 1375)> House of Monaco (m 1166)> Campo del Pero (m 1160)> High Street stock> via della Funivia> stat. Funivia (Cableway). Loop circuit of approx. 10 km, hm. + 340 m max.
  2. Cableway Station (m 1103)> Monte Faito (m 1126)> Gate Faito (m 1222)> Field of Pero (m 1160)> “Way of Snow” (large beeches)> Source Lontra (m 1005)> Road connection> Yard dei Capi and Belvedere (m 1030)> stat. Cableway. Loop circuit of approx. 7 km, hm. + 120 m max.

B) Route with the only departure from the cableway


The archaeological evidences of a glorious time, the most ancient times, greet  welcome and accompany hikers from the heart of Sorrento to Capo. Mounting and descending the fruitful hills, so bitter-sweet, between Priora  and Massa Lubrense , comes the discovery of the humble farmer’s gesture and the elegant coast monument. Finally, beyond the walled gardens, among the gorse stumps, there  is the natural “set” inaugurated by an anonymous Roman landowner,  heading to the Queen Giovanna, and then consecrated by Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica in “Pane, Amore e …”.

Info: Departure and return to Sorrento for a guided tour around the archaeological site of Capo di Sorrento. There are, on the above stock, the availability of public transportation and ample parking.

Trekking notes: Sorrento (50 m asl)> Capodimonte (100 m asl)> Pantano (150 m asl)> Li Simoni (180 m asl)> Capo of Sorrento (95 m asl)> “Baths of Queen Giovanna” (m 0 asl)> Cape of Sorrento. -Distance of 6 km, hm. + 130 m max.

Variation: + 3 km and back to Sorrento (total approx. 9 km); hm. + 150 m max

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