Massages and beauty treatment

The Hotel Antiche Mura is pleased to offer a wide selection of massages and beauty treatment either in your room, or by the lovely pool or in the external SPA Center located only 800 m from the hotel.

In your room: During all year you have the possibility to reserve a massage or a beauty treatment.

You can have several kinds of massages like deep massage or a relaxing massage, etc or may beauty treatment.

By the pool & Garden: From May to October you have the possibility to reserve a massage or a beauty treatment in our beautiful garden in the open air. During this period we have an incredible selection to choose from!

Below the details of the traitments

Masages or TreatmentDuration
TAIBIDO- The way for the beauty of your body (New for 2011!)75 min.
Shiatsu60/30 min
Massage with oil60/30 min
Antistress Massage60/30 min
Vodder Lymphodrainage60/30 min
Deep Massage60/30 min
Foot Reflexology60/30 min
30 min. shiatsu + 30 min. antistress massage60 min.
30 min. shiatsu + 30 min. deep massage60 min.
60 min. shiatsu + 15 min. light massage for face and shoulder75 min.
30 min. shiatsu + 15 min. light massage for face and shoulder45 min.
Massage for a couple with 2 massagistas60 min.
Welcome love for the couple: 30 min. shiatsu + 30 min. Foot Reflexology + 30 min. light massage for face and head. Incense, candles and a gift for the couple..90 min.
Welcome love (per la coppia): 60 min. di massaggio shiatsu + 30 min. light massage for face and head. Incense, candles and a gift for the couple.90 min.

Massage and Treatments (Available daily from 10.00 AM until 7.00 PM)

TAIBIDO-The way of the body’s beauty (60 minutes)

From the merger of two ancient Japanese practices, shiatsu massage and “lifting” massage of the face, was born the  TAIBIDO, an immersion in wellness that  is highlighted by a feeling of looseness and vigor of the body and from a luminous and rejuvenated face.

Shiatsu (30 – 60 minutes)

This ancient Japanese method of massage gently stimulates the body by applying direct and specific pressure to the body for optimal benefit.

Eliminates stress, lower back pain, digestive concerns, and insomnia.

Gives strength, harmony, and wellness to the body in a natural way.

Excellent for all ages and optimal during pregnancy.

Antistress Massage (30 – 60 minutes)

This massage uses almond oil to relax the body, harmonize and stimulate circulation, and eliminate swelling.  A sweet and pleasant massage for any age.

Deep Massage (30 – 60 minutes)

Release muscle tension with this almond oil massage.  Restore elasticity and lightness to the body.

Vodder Lymphodrainage (30 – 60 minuti)

Restores the body balance, stimulate the lymphatic system and gives lightness to the arts.

Foot Reflexology (30 minutes)

Applying pressure to specific points the foot, this service allows the body to be stimulated in a gentle and natural way.  Reflexology is helpful for digestive concerns, nervousness, and other wellness concerns.

Welcome love (90 minutes)

Relax in a special atmosphere of floral incense, music, and candles.  Choose to have your massages in a private room, in a wellness location or near the swimming pool.

This package for couples includes two massages with two massage therapists at the same time. You can choose the Welcome Love Massage between:

1) 30 minute shiatsu/oil massage + 30 minute reflexology treatment + 30 min of face and head massage


2) 60 minute shiatsu/oil massage + 30 min face and head massage

So please send us am e-mail to and let us know what would you like and when. We will replay you with the price and the possibility on the date requested