Salerno & Paestum

About an hours drive south of Naples is another important Italian Provincial capital Salerno. In medieval times Salerno was the world capital of medicine, the Monastery of the Benedictine monks who probably founded its medical school, offered the best education then available. To the east of Salerno, after the headlands of Pontecagnano, Battipaglia and Eboli, is Paestum, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country.

Paestum is situated along the central west coast of Italy, south of both Naples and Salerno. The city was first named Poseidonia, a Greek name, in memory of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Once the Roman empire fell, the once bustling trading port was ravaged by malaria and frequent raids, forcing the Greeks to flee. The name was then changed to a Roman one. This specific history is all available at the local museum, called The National Archaeological Museum of Paestum. A visit to Paestum isn’t complete without touring this museum, one of the most extensive of many Italian museums. The basilica in Paestum is named the Temple of Hera and is one of the several fully complete Doric temples in the area. Touring the temple is the most popular of all the things to do in Paestum. The two secondary temples of the three main are named the Temple of Neptune and the Temple of Ceres. The Temple of Neptune is the oldest of the three and the best preserved. Paestum trips are easily done from Naples.

To visit Salerno and Paestum you have 4 ways:

1) Using public transport (Train from Napoli station that run every days) and discovering the town by yourself. We will tell you what visit and We will give you all the schedule at the check in.

2) But The best way to vist Salerno & Paestum is  sure our professional driver with car!  He will be at your disposal to show you these beautiful 2 towns. It usually take 5/6 hours to visit  Salerno & Paestum. Naturally you can decide on the spot with the driver if you wish to stay longer and spend more time in one of the town without problem. For the cost please send us an e-mail . Please, if you wish to book  this service, let me know on what day .

3) Book one of the groups tour written on our website

4) By your own Car