Ischia is a popular island at the northern tip of the Gulf of Naples. Although it is almost an entirely mountainous volcanic island, you will also be able to enjoy over twenty miles of brilliant coastline.

The beaches along the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast rival the beauty of those in the French Riviera and in other popular beach destinations such as Rio and Tahiti. Besides the amazing scenery and beautiful beaches, Ischia is also known for its thermal.

One of the best things to do in Ischia is to take a boat trip around the island to visit all of the various destinations. From the Ischia Port, you will be taken to stops including Forio, Sant Angelo, and Casamicciola. You can take a car, boat, or bus to this gorgeous coastal town.

To visit Ischia from Sorrento you have 2 ways:

1) Using public transport ( Hydrofoil from Sorrento that run every days from May to October) and discovering the town by yourself. We will tell you what visit and We will give you all the schedule at the check in.

2) Book one of the groups tour written on our website